Indiegraf accepting applications for new Indie Growth Program

New initiative will help independent publishers grow email subscribers and reader revenue.

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Indiegraf is now accepting applications from North American publishers for our new Indie Growth Program.

Successful applicants will receive a suite of technology tools, digital marketing services and $2,500 in digital advertising credits that enable them to create sophisticated campaigns to grow email subscribers and reader revenue.

“The past five years has seen small independent publishers popping up everywhere to fill news gaps. With a little support they can increase the impact of homegrown journalism,” says Erin Millar, CEO and co-founder of Indiegraf, a platform that makes it easier for independent community news outlets to achieve sustainability. “For the past 18 months, Indiegraf has been working hard with our first 30+ publishers to develop tested ways to grow independent community news. This new program allows us to share these innovations with publishers that are ready to boost their audience and revenue.”


The Indie Growth Program is for existing independent news organizations or new projects ready to grow email subscription and reader revenue businesses. While every project and market is different, the Indie Growth Program aims to give participants a lean, tested pathway to build their audience and revenue, help projects grow up to 1,000 new email subscribers, and generate $5,000 or more in reader revenue. 

Successful applicants get execution help from the Indiegraf team, access to Indiegraf’s online playbook and Slack community, a suite of technology tools that will create advanced email subscriber growth and reader revenue campaigns, and $2,500 in digital advertising credits.

Other publishers have accomplished so much while enrolled in similar programs offered by Indiegraf. The Palm Springs Post doubled its email subscribers and launched a founding member campaign that achieved more than 150 per cent of its target. Ayesha Barmania and Will Pearson expanded Peterborough Currents from 20 to over 2,000 email subscribers, and grew their audience revenue by 1,745 per cent. Within weeks of launching, The Breach raised tens of thousands of dollars. The IndigiNews weekly newsletter, established in November 2020, started with a subscriber list of 726 readers. It now has over 10,000. 

Publishers who successfully complete this program may qualify for either the Standard or Pro Growth Program offered by Indiegraf. These programs are designed to further grow independent news publishers on the path to sustainability. They include advanced technology tools, additional funding, audience development and sponsorship sales resources, and online playbooks and toolkits aimed at developing diversified revenue streams. 

Interested applicants should apply here. Get in touch with CEO and co-founder Erin Millar and Publisher Success Manager Joe Lanane to ask all your questions.

MEDIA CONTACT: H.G. Watson, [email protected]


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