New Indiegraf publishers now qualify for one year free membership in LION Publishers

U.S. based publishers can now access affordable media liability insurance.

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Join a network of indie news entrepreneurs to access tech, growth and revenue support so you can focus on what’s most important: serving your community.

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Indiegraf demo website shows off reader revenue tools

U.S. based publishers can now access affordable media liability insurance.

Indiegraf announces $3.5M News Startup Fund in partnership with Google News Initiative, Knight Foundation and McConnell Foundation

Indiegraf will provide funding and services to help founders grow their outlets on a rolling basis for the next three years.

New website features will help Indiegraf publishers gain more reader revenue

Upgraded tools help publishers manage new subscriptions and memberships. Here’s how it will help boost reader revenue.


Why this membership campaign is so important

Since launching in spring 2020, Indiegraf has helped 66 independent publishers across the U.S. and Canada launch or grow.

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